Meet FRC Team 1592: The Bionic Tigers!

2014 team pic champsThe team bios keep rolling in! Next up: Meet FRC Team 1592, the Bionic Tigers, of Cocoa, Florida, a team that’s front and center n their community across many levels!

We are FIRST robotics Team 1592 THE BIONIC TIGERS based in Cocoa, Florida. Founded in 2005, our team from Cocoa High School and Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy has won 5 regionals and a host of other awards, including “Industrial Safety” and the “Entrepreneurship” awards. For the last few years we have had a partnership with Team 801 HORSEPOWER in which we share most of our resources and build our bots and a practice bot alongside each other.

Our Motto is, ‘The future isn’t just bright, It’s Bionic”.

The mission of the Bionic Tigers is to promote interest in and knowledge of science and technology throughout Cocoa High School, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, the community and beyond; and to develop leadership, business, teamwork, communication and other life skills. We aim to further strengthen our sense of team work, to continue practicing gracious professionalism, and to inspire others around the world to get involved in science and technology programs. We believe perseverance commands success.

The Bionic Tigers have started many programs that we developed to affect the future. Our first program is a literacy program called Tigers Advocating Literacy Education (TALE). Students go to daycares, elementary schools, and community centers to read our team’s book called If You Give a Tiger a Robot, which was modeled after a popular children’s book called If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Our second program is called Students Taking A New Direction (STAND). STAND is an anti-bullying program that will teach everyone the importance of mutual respect. Our latest program is called Girls Riveting Our World With Leadership (GROWWL).

The program’s goal is to shatter predispositions and misconceptions about girls interested in science within any community. In 2012 we became eligible to receive high school letters for robotics. It was finally recognized as a team sport at both of our schools. We also worked with NASA’s Ground Systems Development and Operations to create 25,000 dollars in grants for all FIRST teams in Brevard County. There are currently 41 teams that have received the grant.


You can hear the Bionic Tigers roar at the 2015 Orlando Regional on March 13 & 14th!

Go Team!


If your team is going to the Orlando Regional and you’d like to share your story with us, send a short team bio (250 words or less please), with your team name, number and location, anything special you’d like us to know about, and your team website address if you have one, along with a couple of photos to by March 6th so we can share your story before the Orlando Regional.

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