Meet FRC Team 2425: Hydra of Tampa, FL

Meet Hydra Robotics, of Hillsborough High School, in Tampa, Florida!

Hydra Robotics groupWe are a smallish FIRST robotics team from Hillsborough High School in Tampa, FL. We like long walks on the beach, and building robots.

While we’re pretty much always busy with Hydra Robotics group 2one project or another, we love finding time to attend local outreach opportunities like the Sunday farmer’s market at our school, ROBOTICON (off-season event in Tampa), the USF Engineering Expo, and Scooter Rallies at the local pizzeria.

Hydra’s heads might be always occupied, but we immerse ourselves in the build season without hesitation.


We look forward to seeing the many headed Hydra at the Orlando Regional!

Go Team!

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