Meet Team 5276: The Edgar Allan Ohms, of Land O’Lakes, FL!

Edgar Allan Ohms

FRC Team 5276, the Edgar Allan Ohms, has the unique distinction of being the only FIRST Robotics Competition team hosted by a public library.  Based at Land O’Lakes Branch Library, in Pasco County, Florida,  this team is showing the new side of libraries.  Here’s their story:


The Edgar Allan Ohms is in their second year of FRC. We are based out of the Land O Lakes branch library and to our knowledge we are the first and so far only Public Library FRC team in the nation. We are extremely excited to be breaking new ground as this gives us a chance to get FIRST into areas where it has never been before. Because of our high student involvement and community interest our library system has been granted funds to start seven FIRST LEGO League (FLL) teams.

We are going to run an informal library league for the first year so we can train the IMG_20150220_080929812librarians on how to run FLL and how to effectively operate in FIRST. We are also extremely excited to be working on the library’s new makerspace. The Land O Lakes library moved their computer lab and has been running focus groups for the past month to see what the community wants in this space. We are getting to be a part of the initial build out of the space and we are hoping to acquire some more high powered tools for the team

But the best part of all of this is we are going to be able to get more people of the community involved in the art of making. All of us on the team can’t wait to see all of the teams at the Orlando Regional and we want all of you to stop by and say hello. But just make sure to say it quietly, we are from a library!


You can get a glimpse of the Edgar Allan Ohms’ robot, and hear the awesome poem they wrote in the latest RoboShow teaser.

Go Team!


Teams attending the Orlando Regional who have not yet been featured on our website can continue to send in their stories through March 15, and your stories will be published in the coming weeks.  Your team bio should be 250 words or less please, with your team name, number and location, & anything special you’d like us to know about, and your team website address if you have one, along with a couple of photos to . You can also share stories with us throughout the year, that we can share with Orlando Regional Readers.  

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