Orlando Regional FIRST Robotics Competition Special Events and Fundraising

first-strongholdby Jonell Gregor, Regional Planning Committee

The 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition  game, FIRST STRONGHOLD, was announced January 9 and the teams picked up their robot kits to start the intensive 6-week design-and-build season. On February 23rd, teams bagged and tagged their robots while anxiously awaiting the competition season. The members of the Orlando Regional Planning Committee are bringing the spirit of FIRST STRONGHOLD to life and putting final touches on our plans to make this Regional one of the most memorable to date.

While students rally their kingdom, travel through defenses, and defend their castles, the Orlando Regional Planning committee is taking advantage of the unique opportunity FIRST STRONGHOLD provides us to schedule unforgettable activities that will also help us raise more funds in support of the regional.

dragon 1Teams have joked that a fire breathing dragon would become an additional defense for the game. At the Orlando Regional, this well-known joke is becoming a reality. Attendees will have the opportunity to fight a dragon (with foam weapons – safety first!) on Saturday, March 12th. Raffle tickets will be sold for the opportunity to battle the dragon and defend the Orlando Regional kingdom! The dragon may show up a time or two during the Saturday competition so attendees should be on their toes waiting for the sight of this special guest. The cost of the dragon for the Saturday of competition is $200 and the Orlando Regional Planning committee is hoping to raise funds to cover this cost.

Would you consider donating today to help us cover the cost for this special one-time event? This day will be remembered by some as that awesome day they got to battle a dragon!

Also new this year we will have an addition to our Friday Morning openinknightrog ceremony. The committee is hoping to have UCF’s mascot, Knightro, attend the regional to lead our Orlando Regional teams’ mascots in a parade before opening ceremonies! We think this will be an extraordinary start to our competition by incorporating the FIRST STRONGHOLD theme, our Orlando Regional Teams, and the university that has generously hosted us for many years. Knightro would also be available for photo opportunities in the morning following opening ceremonies! The cost for Knightro to be with us for two hours is $300. Again, help us provide team spirit to our competition and consider donating to cover costs for Knightro!

Coming back for year two is the second annual Pie in the Face Event on Satpie in faceurday Morning following opening ceremonies! Orlando Regional volunteers and mentors have graciously signed up to be pied in the face. Raffle tickets will be sold to students, volunteers, and mentors for the opportunity to be selected to pie their chosen person. Our pie in the face event was a crowd favorite last year and we are excited to continue the excitement this year while raising funds for the Orlando Regional!

The cost of running the Orlando Regional each year is $150,000. The Orlando Regional is continuously looking for creative ways to raise revenue. We believe this year we have some very special opportunities that not only will help raise money, but will provide entertainment to our attendees.

If you would be willing to help by sponsoring any of these activities (in part or in full), you can donate below. Thank you for helping make the 2016 Orlando Regional FIRST Robotics Competition such a success and we are looking forward to the event on March 10th-12th, 2016.


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