Team Spotlight: Team 5142 Impossible Robotics, of the Netherlands

FIRST FRC Orlando 2016-31194Hailing from over 7,300 km away (that’s more than 4500 miles, for you non-metric people), comes Team 5412 Impossible Robotics, of the Netherlands!

Team 5412, Impossible Robotics is based in the North of the Netherlands. At the time it is composed from students from seven different school and nine different studies spread over the whole Northern part of the country. These studies include technical and non-technical competences.

Our team started out as a FIRST LEGO League team named FAV during the Food Factor season, back in 2011/2012. With this team we got as far as the FLL World Invitational in Florida, where we won 1st place for Inspiration. We made a lot of friends and got inspired ourselves. We wanted to start our own FIRST Robotics Competition team.

Back in the Netherlands we discovered there was only one Dutch FRC team. From then on Doe_Museum_Groningen-52we knew we got a real challenge on our hands. To make this work for the upcoming years we will literally have to transform our community and our educational system. We took on this challenge and made it our motto which states:

Challenging the Impossible

A team name was born.

Our Rookie season was 2015 Recycle Rush. We built a six feet tall robot with Home Depot materials and won Rookie Inspiration. Victor the Rookie Robot still works after over two years and is the outreach favorite.

In the second year we progressed to a more 3D CAD engineered robot and learned more about the engineering process. We also returned to Florida where we started as an FLL team, to complete the circle. Competing at the Orlando Regional felt like coming home and we were rewarded with the Gracious Professionalism Award. This year is our third season and we’re looking forward to the competition and seeing all of our friends again.

The strength of our team is not necessarily our robot but our diversity, our learning process and the inspiration to others trough outreach and programming workshops. The number of events we are attending is growing rapidly and we partnered up with a museum for Brick Art for more future events. This museum is nominated for best family excursion.

On many outreach events you see us wearing other team’s shirts. Impossible Robotics is not just a team, we feel part of the FIRST family.

After this year’s competition we will also start in our new working space at the shared facility building at Philips. Talking about progression, two years ago we build a six feet tall robot on our kitchen sink.

Our outreach sparked the interest of the High Tech companies of the North and we partnered up with The Region of Smart Factories and The Innovation Cluster.

Next season we hope to grow even more, host official FIRST events, and start more FLL and FIRST Tech Challenge teams. Maybe even help start the next Dutch or European FRC team.

We wish all the teams good luck and a fun time at the 2017 Orlando Regional.

Your friends from Impossible Robotics

Come cheer our Dutch friends on at the 19th Annual Orlando Regional March 10 & 11!


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