Team Spotlight: Team 5800 Magic Island Robotics of Florianopolis, Brazil

Magic Island 2Heading south now, to meet Team 5800 
Magic Island Robotics, from Florianopolis, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

We are FIRST Robotics Competition team 5800 Magic Island Robotics, from the island of Florianopolis, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Our 22 students are from the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina (IFSC), a technical and secondary public school.

The 2016 FIRST Stronghold was our rookie season; we overcame a lot of difficulties and financial issues to manage to compete in the Las Vegas Regional. We showed persistence and attitude, making a crowdfunding campaign, raising funds and looking for any kind of support. Gratefully we received supporters that helped us providing our t-shirts, buttons, laser-cutting, metallurgical services and other resources.

Besides that, we were always reaching and talking to our community, online and personally, presenting our team and the FIRST values to students of public regional schools, spreading the science and technology and motivating young students into Engineering. In our first season, we collected food and other resources to donate to a Rest Home near our school and an Orphanage and Children Shelter of our city.

And in the Las Vegas Regional, we felt the amazing experience of a FIRST Robotics Magic Island 1Competition, sharing ideas and integrating with other teams. Due to our efforts on spreading STEM and managing to bring all the students to compete in the Regional, we gratefully received the Rookie All-Star Award, celebrating this recognition with great honor.

In the 2016 off-season, we were represented by our partners, the FRC 4613 Barker Redbacks, at Sydney, Australia, in the Duel Down Under (DDU) Event. They made great plays with Piaimã, our robot (a name that comes from the Brazilian natives’ language and means: “the one who pursues”). The Magic Island reached the semi-finals.

On August, 2016, the aldermen of the Florianopolis City Council made a tribute session to our team. They congratulated our efforts on representing well our state and our country in an international robotics competition, showing perseverance and focus, overcoming the challenges and achieving great results.

Also on august, we were invited to participate in the China Robotics Challenge (CRC), in Shanghai. There, we took part in the China Robotics Maker Camp, making workshops to Chinese rookie teams, sharing our knowledge, talking about FIRST, Stronghold game strategies and technical subjects. We mentored the Eagle team and the Starry team. Happily, Eagle ended up at the best ranking position for a Chinese team, winning the Highest Rookie-Seed Award. The Magic Island was awarded with the Inspiration Award, that celebrates the most inspiring team, congratulating our actions on working with Chinese teams.

We continued presenting the 5800 history, spreading STEM and FIRST values in the off-season. We thank the 3M company, FedEx, our other supporters and sponsors for believing on our aptitude and potential. We aim to continue achieving great results this season and we work hard for that!

Come see Magic Island Robotics compete at the Orlando Regional March 10 & 11!


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