Team Spotlight: Team 59 RamTech of Miami, FL

Ram Tech

It’s full speed ahead with Team 59, RamTech, of Miami, Florida!


RamTech 59 is based out of the vibrant suburbs of Westchester in Miami, Florida. For many years we have been an inspiration to the community due to our active and long-lasting legacy regarding our participation in FIRST Robotics Competition and other STEAM competitions. We have always striven to engage young engineering minds in the community and provide them with opportunities to harness and develop their skills through our involvement in; The Technology Student Association, The ACE Mentorship program, VEX Robotics, VEX IQ, 1080 Education, Battlebots, and of course the FIRST Robotics Competition.

RamTech’s lasting endeavor with FIRST began in 1997 with the Toroid Terror game, the debut season for the 59th team to join the robotics league! Since then we have retained our number, and are recognized as one of the oldest teams in FIRST with an illustrious past to match! Ramtech is very proud of its history, since its inception earning; the Daniel Webster Scholarship for most student involvement, the DaimlerChrysler Team Spirit Award (on two occasions!), the Imagery Award, the Engineering Inspiration Award, and a Galileo Division banner at the National Championships.

Aside from RamTech’s long-lasting involvement and accomplishments in FIRST, we have been able to establish a reputation in robotics through victories at the Miami Heat and Miami Marlins STEAM Day Challenges, Robot Skills and Programming Skills Championships, Judge’s Awards, and Excellence Awards in VEX Robotics, and even boasting a trip to the VEX Robotics World Championships. With these accomplishments we hope to propagate and help diffuse the message that STEAM is the foundation for our evolving society, especially so, in contemporary times as scientific fields and new technologies see rapid development.

It would like to be emphasized that none of this would have been possible without the benevolence of our donors, engineering sponsors and most of all, our FIRST alumni mentors who so generously offer us assistance both in times of need and prosperity. We would like to highlight the contributions of Sal Aerospace Engineering, Beckman Coulter, Florida Power and Light, Barnes and Noble, Bullseye Powder Coating, Florida Department of Education, Florida Atlantic University, the University of Central Florida, Boca Bearing, the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening, the Bimonte Family, the Waheed Family, and the Balboa Family. Because of the assistance provided by those mentioned, both provisional and immaterial, our endeavor is now bounds beyond what anyone could have imagined when RamTech was conceived back in 1997.

See RamTech in action at the Orlando Regional March 10 & 11!


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