Meet FRC Team 180: S.P.A.M., of Martin County, FL!

2014 SPAM team pic

Here’s some S.P.A.M. with some serious shelf-life! FRC Team 180, S.P.A.M. Robotics, of the Martin County School District in Florida, is a year older than the Orlando Regional! Here’s their story…


S.P.A.M. Robotics, FRC Team 180, hails from the Martin County (Florida) School District. Speed, Power AND Maneuverability–they are future engineers, teachers, designers and programmers being led by current engineers, teachers, designers and programmers.

While this team has been building robots for 18 years, S.P.A.M.’s core mission is to weave the importance of STEM and the impact of FIRST into the fabric of its community. In 2014, with the help of community partnerships, they were able to achieve their goal to have a FIRST team in every public school in their district.

You will find S.P.A.M. team members volunteering throughout the community presenting, demonstrating and teaching to children as well as speaking to local community, business and government leaders. And while they have a history of hosting an FLL tournament each year, in 2014 they played host to students throughout South Florida at 3 FLL qualifying tournaments and 1 FLL practice tournament. In all things, they are committed to represent their team, their families, their schools, their community and their sponsors with Gracious Professionalism.

The seniors that S.P.A.M. will bring to the 2015 FRC Orlando Regional started their careers with the team as 2012 World Champions. That year they were also Finalists at the FRC Orlando Regional, Winners at the FRC South Florida Regional and they received an Industrial Design Award. That has been no small legacy to carry on their backs. Since then, the team won the FRC South Florida Regional in 2013 and 2014; won the FRC Orlando Regional in 2014; received the Gracious Professionalism Award in 2013, 2014 and 2015; received a FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award in 2014; and was honored to represent FIRST at the 2013 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.


We’re looking forward to seeing this veteran team at the Orlando Regional next week!

Go Team!


If your team is going to the Orlando Regional and you’d like to share your story with us, send a short team bio (250 words or less please), with your team name, number and location, anything special you’d like us to know about, and your team website address if you have one, along with a couple of photos to by March 6th so we can share your story before the Orlando Regional.

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