Meet FRC Team 2974: Walton Robotics, from Marietta, GA!

WRT Chairmans at Peachtree

Hailing from the Peach State, FRC Team 2974, Walton Robotics of Marietta, GA, aims high and reaches higher! Here’s what they have to say about their FIRST experience:


Walton Robotics Team 2974 is a 38 member team from Marietta, GA. Our team was founded in 2008, and since then we have been to the World Championships 4 times, won 2 Engineering Inspiration Awards, and won 2 Chairman’s Awards.

We take most pride in our long-reaching goals and the steps we’ve taken to reach them. To WRT TShirt Cannonchange culture and impact unconventional audiences, we created a T-shirt cannon that was featured 7 times on television. Our iConductor robot was featured at two concerts, reaching 1,000 musicians. To build and strengthen the FIRST community, we created the program Destination Einstein, which allows teams in the region to practice on our full-sized playing field and collaborate in areas like engineering, strategy, and awards. This year, we developed a model for this program that we replicated at 2 new sites in Atlanta.

Our relationships with sponsors are key to what we do. We volunteer at their events, such as GE Engineer’s Week, and help them meet their goals in whichever way we can. This summer, we are going to Brazil to host a one-week camp for underprivileged children with the help of one such sponsor, Novelis. We are working with Novelis to create a series of webisodes spanning 6 months this year as well. Novelis has especially supported our efforts to empower girls in STEM fields by dispersing 100 female-focused Outreach-in-a-Box kits, developed entirely by our team members, to countries all over the world.


Join us in welcoming Walton Robotics to the Orlando Regional!

Go Team!


Teams attending the Orlando Regional who have not yet been featured on our website can continue to send in their stories through March 15, and your stories will be published in the coming weeks.  Your team bio should be 250 words or less please, with your team name, number and location, & anything special you’d like us to know about, and your team website address if you have one, along with a couple of photos to . You can also share stories with us throughout the year, that we can share with Orlando Regional Readers.  

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