Meet FRC Team 4065: The Nerds of Prey, of Lake Minneola, FL!

Team 4065 NERDSNext up, the self-reliant Team 4065, the Nerds of Prey, from Lake Minneola, Florida, sweep in to give us a closer look at their great team!



Lake Minneola High School established Team 4065, The Nerds of Prey, in 2011 to provide students with an opportunity to extend their learning from the Automation & Production Technology classes during school to the extracurricular robotics team. These students apply their knowledge of CAD, CNC, pneumatics, mechanisms, circuits, and the engineering design process learned in class to create a custom designed robot.

The Nerds of Prey set themselves apart from other teams by creating everything for Team 4065 Robotics 2015 013themselves. These students create all commercial art, promotional materials, sponsorship outreach documents, robot design and fabrication, etc. while maintaining a unique flair that celebrates the awesomeness of being a nerd. This past season they won an Ekocycle 3D printer, which uses recycled materials in order to print out practically anything. They made use of their Ekocycle in order to create smaller parts for the robot as well as printing out a complete set of their team number.

The Nerds of Prey would not operate without all of the work from the outstanding students of Lake Minneola High School. At Lake Minneola High, learning has no limits and its students follow the Hawks Creed which is to be Honest, Academically Focused, Wise, Kind-Hearted, and Successful. The Nerds of Prey would like to thank all of their sponsors, specifically Affordable Pull Outs and Lake County Schools for their generous donations. Other sponsors include Outback Steakhouse, Bishops Gate Sports Services, and Preferred Family Chiropractic, and without their generosity, our robotics team would not exist.

Thank you!


We look forward to seeing these robot building raptors at the Orlando Regional March 12-14!

Go Team!


Teams attending the Orlando Regional who have not yet been featured on our website can continue to send in their stories through March 15, and your stories will be published in the coming weeks.  Your team bio should be 250 words or less please, with your team name, number and location, & anything special you’d like us to know about, and your team website address if you have one, along with a couple of photos . You can also share stories with us throughout the year, that we can share with Orlando Regional Readers.  

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