Meet FRC Team 4191: The Inanc Mechatronics Club (IMC) of Turkey!

FRC Team Team 4191 Inanc Mechatronics Club (IMC)Turkish Teams  was founded by the students of TEVITOL, the only high school in Turkey that gives special education to gifted and talented students, with the goal of maintaining robotic activities and participating in national and international competitions at Kocaeli Turkey in 2007. Eight years later, they’re still at it!


We arranged FRC Kickoff Turkey 2015 (Even though it does not exist as an official one, we created the same atmosphere with our opportunities) and invited all Turkish FRC teams, along with other robotics teams in high school level.

The limited opportunities of our country do not impede our enthusiasm for working. Therefore, each member of Inanc Mechatronics Club ought to think multidimensional and analyze the situation from different points of view. These tough conditions also enhance the creativity level of the members.

Since 2008, IMC has been attending FLL annually in Turkey and ranked in the top 10 teams in Turkey. In 2014 Season, they became the champion of Marmara Regional Contest. The club has competed in FRC for the first time in 2012 and represented Turkey in New York as team 4191, and it became the third team in the rookie’s category. IMC has been chosen as a “Beta Tester Team” by FIRST to test the software which will be used in FRC 2013. In addition to that IMC has won the Website Excellence Award in2012 and the Pit Safety Award in 2013. This season, we recently received a 3D Printer from Coca-Cola Ecocycle 3D Printer Competition!

Görüşmek üzere! (See you soon!)


We’re looking forward to seeing this great team at the Orlando Regional in just a few short days!

Go Team!


Teams attending the Orlando Regional who have not yet been featured on our website can continue to send in their stories through March 15, and your stories will be published in the coming weeks.  Your team bio should be 250 words or less please, with your team name, number and location, & anything special you’d like us to know about, and your team website address if you have one, along with a couple of photos to . You can also share stories with us throughout the year, that we can share with Orlando Regional Readers.  


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