Meet FRC Team 5283: Torque, of Tampa, FL!

Team Torque

FRC Team 5283, from King High School in Tampa, FL, is celebrating their 2nd season, after a terrific rookie appearance at the Orlando Regional last year. Here’s their story:


The King High School Torque Robotics Team (FIRST Team 5283) was founded in 2013 by sophomore Cash Davis, although the team’s first competition was the 2014 FIRST Orlando Regional. The team applied and was the recipient of the Rookie Grant which help kick off the first year. Because of the low budget, the team elected to built their robot out of wood, mostly scrap wood left over from various projects of the mentor Sam Rockwell.

In this first competition of Aerial Assist, Team 5283 earned 18th place out of 62 teams and were rewarded the Rookie Inspiration Award and the Highest Rookie Seed Award for its outreach to others, inspiring innovation and technological education. At the 2014 Panther Prowl, an Off-Season event,  the team was seeded first place and tied for third place in the tournament with another alliance as well as bringing home the ‘We Really Like You’ Award.  The Torque Team had a very action packed first year and will definitely be coming back for more.

Torque consists of 19 students, 6 female and 13 males, ages 13-18 with Freshman, Sophomores , Juniors and Seniors with many ethnic backgrounds. Our team consist of students in the International Baccalaureate program, KAPS (King’s Advanced Placement Scholars)  program and traditional  students.  We are truly a melting pot.

About half of our team is in the King High School Marching Band.. We have 5 mentors: Michele Davis, Sam Rockwell, Loraine Christensen, Evelyn Hurley, and Sunny Gupta. Thanks to these experienced mentors, students learn many valuable skills throughout the season, such as the build and design process, business management, cooperation, marketing, and leadership expertise.

So far this year, the team has competed in Ft Lauderdale and placed 13th in the qualifying round out of 50 teams, competed in the quarterfinals and finished 7th for the tournament. Once again due to budget the team was able to raise enough money for the tournament but not enough for hotel especially during spring break so they elected to camp even with the raccoons and the rain. This experience has not only helped with team building and has strengthen the team.

This is a quote from our newest mentor:

“Thanks for adding a new dimension to my life. Saturday was truly exciting. I will be there for every moment of Orlando. I had several tearing moments. The speech by the judge, Braden talking about his  programming, Robert finding his dance moves, and watching a team work as a cohesive unit.

 FRC is now in my blood. Who knows, I may start a team when I get to Belize. Of course the first thing I would do is to get you down there as an advisor.” 

Our team may be financially poor but we are mentally strong. We believe that mentally challenging experiences, when facilitated by trained professionals in a safe and supportive environment, can help students discover and develop their strength of character, ability to lead and desire to serve.


We think you’re on to something there, Team Torque! We can’t wait to see you at the Orlando Regional!

Go Team!


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