Meet FRC Team 846: The Funky Monkeys, of San Jose, CA!

Funky MonkeysIt’s time to get funky with FRC Team 846, the Funky Monkeys, swinging in from San Jose, California!  Here’s what they want to share with us…


The Funky Monkeys, FIRST Team 846, hails from Lynbrook High School located in San Jose, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our 14 year old team is an after school club with over one hundred members. Our team is fortunate to have the support of several sponsors including, FUHS Foundation, Western Digital and Boston Scientific.

Last year, our team played at the Buckeye and Silicon Valley Regionals where we won a regional for the first time at Cleveland and won the Quality Award at Silicon Valley. At the Championships we were the 3rd overall pick in the Newton Division and had the highest Offensive Power Ranking. After the season, we made a few improvements and were finalists for Chezy Champs and the winners of Calgames. Last season was our most successful, and we hope to keep continuing the upward trend this season.

Our team also runs a website called Because Robots that showcases innovative technology in the engineering field. This website gets over 3,000 views per month and has been successful at spreading the message of FIRST across the world. We look forward to starting our season at Orlando.


Safe travels from your sunny state, to ours, Funky Monkeys!

Go Team!


Teams attending the Orlando Regional who have not yet been featured on our website can continue to send in their stories through March 15, and your stories will be published in the coming weeks.  Your team bio should be 250 words or less please, with your team name, number and location, & anything special you’d like us to know about, and your team website address if you have one, along with a couple of photos . You can also share stories with us throughout the year, that we can share with Orlando Regional Readers.  

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