Team Spotlight: Meet Team 1293, the Pandamaniacs of Irmo, SC

pandamaniacsOne of our out of state teams is team 1293, the Pandamaniacs,  based out of School District 5 of Lexington and Richland Counties in Irmo, SC.


We’re composed of twenty students from the four high schools in our district. We co-host the South Carolina Robotics Invitational and Workshops (SCRIW) off-season event; SCRIW VI will be October 15th in Columbia, SC.

The schools have, in the spirit of cooperation and innovation that characterizes everything FIRST-related, put aside their rivalries to form what may be understated as an amazing robotics team. Members from all involved schools attend the meetings and contribute to the team in a variety of ways. They are given the opportunity to specialize on something within the team, but all eventually try their hand at every job for the full robotics experience.

Students are guided by experienced professionals in fields of science, technology, and engineering. These mentors volunteer their time to teach students (their future co-workers) skills needed in the real world for their fields, as well as showing them (while experiencing them yet again) the reasons why they chose engineering as a profession.

The team works on various projects in robotics, animation, marketing, philanthropy, and community enhancement, and more! The goal is to spread a love of science, technology, engineering, and math within the local community and the world.


You can feel – and hear and see! –  the STEM love with the Pandamaniacs, at the Orlando Regional March 11 & 12!

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