Team Spotlight: Meet Team 21 ComBBAT, of Brevard County, FL


Next up, another Legacy team, Team 21 ComBBAT’s , whose first game was Ladder Logic all the way back in 1998.  Team 21 also has the distinction of having competed at the Orlando Regional every year since 1999!  Read on to learn more!


Many teams have come and gone since 1998, those who are still around, many have changed named. ComBBAT is a name that has stuck with our team for many, many years. The BBAT in ComBBAT is an abbreviation for: Boeing, Brevard Schools Foundation, Astronaut, and Titusville high schools.

As members of the FRC team 21 are committed to inspire young adults to pursue careers in science and technology through an enjoyable and competitive robot build season. We aim to work together as a team, respect one another, and learn from each other. We aim to learn how to safely construct robot. We also aim to display gracious professionalism in everything we do on and off the field. This year we took on building another robot, just for fun, which will shoot tee-shirts.

This year to go along with the medieval theme we named our robot Dragoslav. Dragoslav is a South Slavic masculine name which means precious glory.


Go Team! Go Dragoslav!

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