Team Spotlight: Meet Team 233 the Pink Team, of Brevard County, FL

pink teamThey’re more than pretty in pink – they’re a tech tidal wave!  Meet The Pink Team, #233, from Brevard County, FL .


The Pink Team 233 consists of students from Rockledge, Cocoa Beach, and Viera high school. For the past 12 years, The Pink Team has had a sub-group called “Art of the Bot”. Through many projects, art has been incorporated into STEM, which broadens our skills, local interest in our team, and knowledge of FIRST itself.

A few years ago we built a police robot, or PDBot, for the Rockledge Police Department that can deliver a package, launch two canisters, 2-way audio and video and can drag an injured person. Recently we improved upon the original design; adding an arm to open doors and the ability to climb stairs. Since the first rendition of the PDBot kits have been distributed to other FIRST Robotics Competition teams across the country.

Last year Pink worked with NASA engineers and the US Air Force to design and build a robot to release weather balloons in dangerous weather situations. This robot keeps everybody safe and obtains the upper atmospheric weather data essential for launches.

This winter some of our members returned to Ecuador to start a FIRST Robotics Competition team and bring STEM to elementary children as well. We provided three schools with LEGOs and NXT robots and the communications team made videos to help the students understand how to code their new robots.

To prepare the rookie FIRST Robotics Competition team for the 2016 season our team members held a mock kick-off, using the 2015 game release video. This showed the mentors and students what a game could look like and how it is first presented to teams. We explained to the team our approach on tackling a new challenge and how to handle the amazing world of FIRST.

We are PINK.


And we’re tickled pink Team 233 is joining us at the Orlando Regional this year!

Go Team!

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