Team Spotlight: Meet Team 5472, Stallion Robotics from Boca/Delray

Stallion roboticsHold your horses, here comes Stallion Robotics, Team 5472, from Amerıcan Herıtage School in Boca/Delray!  Stallion Robotics got its start in FIRST LEGO League – read on to see how they went from snapped together LEGOs to welded metal frames.


Donovan, our mentor, was inspired by our FIRST LEGO League team and wanted to create a high school FIRST Robotics Competition team, and eventually he did. We barely had anything when we started though. We started off in a classroom wıth no materials, ideas, or any sponsorships whatsoever. However, once our school saw the potential in FIRST Robotics Competition, they fully sponsored us and gave us a lab.

From there on out, we took on tasks we never thought we could accomplish. At the South Florida Regional, we were getting a feel of how things worked in FIRST Robotics competitions, but at the Orlando Regional things went full steam ahead. Our performance last year at the Orlando Regional beat our expectations as a rookie team.

We made it to the semifinals and we won the Highest Rookie Seed and Rookie All-Star Awards. We definitely couldn’t have done this terrific of a job without Mr. Donovan and our great sponsors from this year and last year, Snap-on, Lockheed Martin, Classic Fence Company Inc, Boca Bearing, United Technologies, Argosy Foundation, Partsmaster, and our newest sponsor this year Boca Tint N Wraps.


Stallion Robotics is off the races again this year, at the Orlando Regional, and we’re excited to see what this great team will do in their second season!

Go Team!

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