Team Spotlight: Team 1902 Exploding Bacon of Orlando, FL

Exploding Bacon 1You know it’s FIRST when pigs fly! Meet Team 1902 4H Exploding Bacon, of Orlando, Florida!

4-H Exploding Bacon Team 1902 has students from ten schools in five counties, plus homeschoolers, encompassing an area of over 1120 square miles. We make an impact through our work running STEM summer camps and proactive outreach. We’ve partnered with companies ranging from local restaurants to Fortune 500, triggering a long lasting shift in STEM-appreciating culture. We have cultivated a unique audience across traditional & social media to help change our world into one that celebrates STEM.

On or off the competition field, Exploding Bacon stands out from the crowd. Our bright green and orange robots, intriguing name, and iconic pig-on-the-rocket logo have gained recognition within the FIRST and local communities. We earned four Regional Imagery Awards, the 2013 World Championship Imagery Award, countless peer imagery awards, 17 imagery workshops at regional events and six presentations at World Championships. Our image is the key element of our team’s sustainability platform. People instantly recognize us when they see us out at events and our memorable image has consistently brought us new students, mentors, and sponsors; it has helped us to have a larger impact on the community to promote FIRST and STEM. Since 2014, our students have logged 3000+ volunteer hours at 100+ outreach events, increasing STEM appreciation & FIRST participation in our communities.Exploding Bacon 2

During the summer of 2016 Exploding Bacon launched our new “FIRST Like a Girl” video campaign to showcase what young women are accomplishing on our team and throughout FIRST. So far, we have promoted 11 videos of FIRST participants and have more in production.

Our team has created two science programs to help pave an avenue for access to STEM education: Exploding Science, and Spark. Exploding Science teaches local kids the rudiments of science and technology in a fun manner, and Spark’s goal is to send reusable science kits around the world to inspire children with fewer resources to make differences in their communities. So far, we have sent 12 kits to eight countries.

Exploding Bacon has a mission to have fun doing cool things that help people and a vision to grow capable leaders who will make a positive impact. Our team is composed of 51% homeschoolers and 30% females. Exploding Bacon has also earned four Regional Chairman’s Awards and two Engineering Inspiration Awards since 2010.

Some of our sponsors include Lockheed Martin, United Therapeutics, Disney VoluntEars, Magnus Hi-Tech, BAE Systems, NBC Universal Comcast and more. We give back to our sponsors through our annual sponsor dinner, recognition on our shirts, robot, and our pit displayed at competitions.

We are looking forward to competing in our 12th season at the Orlando Regional and Bayou Regional. Good luck to all teams!

Come out March 10 and 11, and give Exploding Bacon their great big “Oink Oink BOOM!” cheer  at the 19th Annual Orlando Regional!


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