Team Spotlight: Team 4013 Clockwork Mania of Orlando, FL

Clockwork mania 1This team has been waiting for FIRST STEAMWorks since they started.  Meet 4013 Clockwork Mania! 

4013 Clockwork Mania’s home is Orlando Science Schools, which is a nonprofit, tuition-free, STEM-focused public charter school. We are also graciously sponsored by Lockheed Martin, NASA, Mills & Nebraska Door & Trim, International Fluid Power Society and Walt Disney World Co. Clockwork Mania team members also compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge as 5070 N.U.T.S. (Nerds United for Technological Superiority) and 6379 Clockwork Mania.

We have been a steampunk team from our inception. We were blown away when we received an email from Frank Merrick (Director of FRC) letting us know that we played a small role regarding FIRST deciding on a steampunk theme for 2017, after Frank talked to our team members in the Palmetto Regional last season.

Clockwork Mania have dedicated thousands of community service hours to promote FIRST and STEM education locally and internationally. Our team has hosted hundreds of local and international teams in FIRST events we run such as: FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge tournaments, FTC Judgment Days, and FIRST Robotics clockwork mania 2Competition kickoffs. We’ve started, mentored, and assisted over 30 FIRST teams. We also reach out to the local community by hosting robotics camps. Many students that attend our camps join a FIRST team afterwards. We helped form the District 5 Youth Advisory Board, a program where student representatives from every school in the district meet to discuss and enact plans to improve their schools and school programs. We have met and supported teams from China, Japan, Turkey and Brazil among others.

Clockwork Mania team members reach out to engineers by engaging them at conferences. We have exhibited at I/ITSEC and Maker Faire for 3 years, and at Otronicon for 5 years now. At all our events, we demonstrate how our robots work, discuss the many implications of FIRST, and excite kids about joining FIRST.

We are going into our sixth year. Along many other accolades, our robotics club has earned an invitation to the FIRST World Championship every year for the past 5 years in either FRC or FTC, and last year we earned an invitation in both. At the 2014 FRC World Championship, Clockwork Mania won the Imagery Award in the Archimedes Division. At the 2015 FRC World Championship, one of our students won the FRC Dean’s List Award. At the 2016 FTC World Championship, N.U.T.S. was a finalist for the Motivate Award. The team also earned the 2014 Chairman’s Award at the Orlando Regional and have 2 Woodie Flowers Finalist Award mentors.

Clockwork Mania does more than build robots, we help build people as we do our part along with the FIRST community to change our culture. We believe that even the smallest gear makes the clock work.

You can see Clockwork Mania in all their steampunk finery at the Orlando Regional March 10 & 11!


Click image to get your free tickets to the Orlando Regional today!

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